$50 grocery challenge!

$50 grocery challenge!

Rob just started a great new job but until the gap between paychecks is bridged we are trying to be extra frugal with our spending, and that brings us to the $50 grocery challenge!

Our goal was to use our pantry+$50 to ourselves for the next 5 days. Here is how it worked out:

What we had on hand:
-1 lb Frozen chicken breast
-2 lbs Ground frozen turkey
-We had a few odds and ends of leftover salted meats like pepperoni and summer sausage
-Various broths (chicken, beef and veggie)
-Canned vegetables: tomatos, green beans, tomato sauce
-Frozen vegetables,a few varieties
-Dried dates and cranberries
-Fats, coconut oil, olive oil
-Fresh vegetables: bell peppers, lettuce, cilantro, onions

What we bought:
Rotisserie chicken
Marsala cooking wine
Frozen peppers
Fresh pico de gallo
Red bell peps
Baby Bella mushrooms

We keep a pretty well stocked pantry, and that is definitely going to make things easy this week, but I’m sure we’ll get creative. Stay tuned to see what we come up with this week 🙂

I’m pretty dang good at keeping things under budget! But this was a close one!


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