Cookin on the Grill

20130811-210408.jpgIn future posts I’m gonna go into detail on some of the specific dishes we make on the grill, but I wanted to give some basic framework to how we use the grill and what kinda of foods we cook on it.

We use a pretty simple propane grill. It has three levels and jets across the bottom. Ours is actually kind of junky, I can almost guarantee yours is better, but it works for what I need. Propane isn’t free but honestly it’s only about $25 a tank and we don’t usually use more than one tank a season even when we’re cooking quite a bit. And the convenience makes it something we don’t mind doing fairly often.

We make a lot of foods on the grill. Proteins, vegetables, even fruits. I usually cook using one of three methods. Either I put the food right on the grill, steaks, asparagus, kebabs, and such; or I steam food in foil packs, fish, zucchini, peppers and onions; or I use a grilling pan which I place right on the grill over the flames, usually for large cuts of vegetables, potatoes, and other hearty foods.

I use some marinades and sauces, mostly sparingly, and for the most part I season sparingly with salt and pepper. There are some exceptions. Sometimes I make soul burgers with a lot of sauce and seasoning and veg in the burger mix. Sometimes I’ll add butter and lemon to the potatoes or fish. We mix it up. But the fire does most of the work.

It might seem intimidating at first, but in a short while you’ll figure out enough of the basics to get comfortable with cooking on the grill and then you can start rotating a lot of delicious dishes into your routine. We grill three or four meals a week on average now.

Tell us your favorite grilling tips. I’ll post some recipes soon, but what do you love to cook over the fire? Let us know in the comments! We’re always looking for great new dishes to try!


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