Grocery challenge day 4/ frittata sort of

Day 4 grocery challenge,

Breakfast eggs and bacon made my Rob.

Lunch was leftover Chicken Marsala. Just as yummy day two 🙂

For dinner I made a frittata! (Sort of..)

**Disclaimer** I know Potatoes are a bit controversial in the paleo world but we eat them. I try to buy the colorful varieties over plain white ones, but if they aren’t part of your plan you can leave em out 🙂 here is the kind we used:


This is a dish that I make with whatever I have on hand here’s how it went tonight.

Diced up a red onion, a red bell, and several colorful potatos, then I melted some coconut oil in a large skillet, sweated a little garlic in it. Then I added the potatoes and a heavy shake of s&p then let them start cooking down while Rob diced the rest of the veg then I added the peppers and onions cooked them for a few minutes.


Then in a separate bowl I beat about 6 eggs together with a little more s&p and a dash of cayanne added a can of rotel for a little spice and poured that over the top.


Here I where it stopped being a frittata. We were way to hungry to wait and let this bake through slow so we just scrambled it all together. It wasn’t as pretty, but it was perfectly delicious, filling comfort food at the end of a long day.



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