Grocery lists

I love making grocery lists! I can nerd our for an hour at least plotting and scheming and looking up recipes. I can get pretty ridiculous with it but I think the scribbles help my creative process. Anyway, if you’ve been reading a long you know we made it through the paycheck gap, but a few of our bills have also been waiting. So in order to get back on schedule the next couple of weeks are going to be on the frugal side at the grocery store. Rob and I both felt like we were still eating like kings last week. But we’ve pretty much depleted our pantry so this week will be a bit more of a challenge, and on top of that Rob’s birthday is this week, so I definitely want to make him something special that day, it’s going to be a challenge but I’m up for it!

I’m making my list and searching for creative inspiration stay tuned to see what I come up with! If you have any great budget recipes, or any recipes at all, send us a link or a comment! We’re hoping to add a blog roll soon!

And this is what the process looks like today. Note Sophie’s enthusiasm..



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