Fatty fatty fat fat.


One of the great things about paleo is that fat is not the enemy! It took me a long time to accept that eating fat won’t make me fat.

Let there be praise.

On that note these are the fats we’ve deemed acceptable for daily use, and how we use them.

Coconut oil- Great because it has a high smoke point, and subtle flavor. It’s good for savory or sweet dishes, solid at room temperature tastes great in a cup of coffee, and all baked goods. Also has a ton of other non food uses.

Extra virgin olive oil- Packs lots of flavor, great in all things savory. Does have a low smoke point, but still great for foil packets on the grill, or as a salad topper, liquid at room temp.

Butter- Hard to beat the taste of butter and veg. It just tastes great. Good for baking can be in savory or sweet dishes also great in the crock. To be honest it’s not my favorite in the skillet because I tend to burn it. But it always gives that extra bit of “homemade” flavor to a dish.

I know lots of people are anti butter on a paleo diet. I buy roll butter, made from the non- whey cream. That’s the best option I’ve found from my grocer’s and we feel good about it.

If you’d like to do more research here is a great article about the benefits of butter on a paleo diet.


So eat up fatty. It’s for your health.


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