What I didn’t eat today…


Sometimes eating paleo is more about what you don’t eat then what you eat. Where I work there is never a shortage of sugary goodness or reasons to celebrate. I’m a firm believer that you will never win the battle of will power. But so I try not to use the word “cheat” I’ve replaced it with “treat”. Where I have failed on diets in the past allowing “cheat days” with a paleo lifestyle I’m more likely to have an occasional “treat” fully enjoy it and stay on plan the rest of the day.

“Treats” are something I look forward too, eat sitting down, enjoy, savor, and they aren’t for every day.

When I walked into work this week and saw this most recent pile of chocolate and 5 lb bag of candy. My first thought was “yum!” But my second thought was “today is a little to busy for me to deal with a stomach ache I’ll have a treat another day”

The cravings that used to scream in my ears have grown silent. Because my body has adjusted to eating whole nutrient dense foods. I used to eat plate after plate of sugary goodness, but now I usually get a stomach ache. It’s harder in the beginning, but the more often it happens it gets easier to say no.

Most importantly, don’t think of yourself as a failure if you eat the cake. Focus on making the next choice a good one. If you are constantly making the next good choice, you’re going to become a healthy person, and that after all is the goal.


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