My Wife is Amazing

20130822-220024.jpgI had a long day at work today. It wasn’t hard, I have a really great job, but it was long. I went in early, it was busy from the start, and I stayed till close. And I know I have to open in the morning. Which means a short time to rest. And I haven’t eaten anything but a Larabar since breakfast. So I’m tired, and hungry, and thirsty, and I know I have to go to bed soon to have any chance to be a huge success at work tomorrow.

So I walk out of work, and my wife is there with the dog in the back of the car. And as we head home she starts telling me about this amazing dinner she’s made for me this evening. She went to the butcher and bought some flat steaks to pan sear. And she made a frittata with potatoes and mushrooms and bell peppers and red onions and salsa and cilantro. And she made an amazing coconut bananas foster. And she just did all this, because she’s just that amazing.

So I came home to a happy puppy, and a warm glass of brandy, and the most amazing meal of steak and eggs and an incredible, decadent dessert. Already made. Already served. Already ready already.

I’m sure this required a lot of work on my wife’s part. She had to go to the stores and buy the ingredients and prepare and cook all these dishes. But this is also just a normal evening for us now. We share the effort of buying the groceries. We share the effort of making the meals. We’re a team. And I’m really lucky to have such a great team member.

Paleo is easier when the people around you are on board and encouraging and helpful. If my wife was sitting next to me on the couch, mocking me and eating ice cream and sub sandwiches, it would be harder to have a really positive lifestyle. But when the people around you are supportive of what you’re doing, or at least accepting, it makes it easier for you to make healthy decisions. And in my experience, the more you do that, the more the people around you encourage and support you in doing it. No one is so popular and encouraged in our culture as the person who loses weight. In many ways, it’s the ultimate social goal. If, on the other hand, the people around you are discouraging you or holding you back, you may need to consider how that could effect your life moving forward.

I’m really lucky. My wife is a really great example and she motivates me all the time to try harder and be better. And she makes it easy for me to succeed, by buying healthy groceries and preparing healthy meals. We work together, because we’re working for our family. Teamwork makes the dream work.

And I get to eat steak, and drink brandy, and dine on decadent desserts. Like a king.


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