Orange Chicken and Cauli Rice


Orange chicken and cauli rice

Tonight I got off work early so I had a little more time to devote to dinner. Rob loves Chinese food and has really missed it since we switched to Paleo. So for tonight’s dinner I attempted an Asian inspired orange chicken. I wasn’t really sure what direction to take this dish so here is everything I grabbed: 20130829-193033.jpg


First I started a sauce. I juiced two large oranges and two cuties -I would have added to this because I like a lot of sauce but that is all the citrus I found in my fridge. Use what you have đŸ™‚ I added a few tablespoons of Saracha, a few tablespoons of gluten free soy sauce (if you don’t eat soy just skip it) a shake or two of ginger and a pinch of minced garlic. Put all that in a small sauce pan and let it thicken over a medium heat.

Then I tossed a lil cauliflower (that has been sitting in my fridge waiting for some sort of culinary inspiration to strike) into the food processor until it was a rice consistency, then I sautéed it with some olive oil over medium heat. 20130829-192854.jpg

While those two were cooking I browned some chicken in coconut oil, it cooked up fast so I set the chicken aside and added my veg to the same pan.20130829-192636.jpg

Cooked it only until the carrots softened and then turned off all 3 burners and assembled it.

My original plan was to sprinkle some cashews over top, but it had enough crunch so I skipped it. All in this took a little less then 45 minutes, if I had Rob home to help we probably could have done it in 20. Home cooked dinner doesn’t have to be an all night event. Food is what fuels your body, it’s worth the time.


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