Why we love our Butcher


Rob and I are both big fans of our local butcher shop Hörrmann Meats Farmers Market. We buy almost all our meat there. As well as other goodies like roll butter, seasonings, and locally grown produce. Here are some of the reasons we love to shop there.

We’ve shopped here at least once a week for the past 4 months and I’ve only ever worked with 3 employees. They know us, and we know them. They are always polite, knowledgeable and helpful.

They offer a wide variety of products. Including seafood, deli meats and cheeses, local wines, seasonings, omega 3 eggs, all kinds of beef cuts, and lots of different gourmet sausage products. They also sell some obscure meats like frog legs and duck and turtle meat, although I’m not that adventurous yet. I like that they offer such a wide variety.

In the cooler they also have freshly processed beef and chicken. This is where we buy our steaks, (pro-tip, the “stew meat” we buy there is usually sirloin, that’s what we use for steak soup, usually around $4 a pound)

The freezer section is organized by different types of meats and each section is labeled with signs like these.


So you can buy your meat after educating yourself on where the animals lived, what they were fed and how they were cared for. The beef we buy us 100% grass fed, not grain finished. It’s lean and full of flavor that’s different then grain fed cattle.

Very reasonable. Veg comparable to the prices at Hyvee, and locally grown. Grass fed beef, and locally made sausage runs about $1 a pound higher then grocery store prices. We’re happy to spend a few dollars more to support local farmers and business’s.

They also offer the “Carnivore Club,” for every $125 you spend you get $10 free. It sounds like more them you’ll spend on meat in a year but we’ve actually received a lot of free product from them.

Directly across the street from our grocery store. Close to our house, always available parking.

I post this to encourage you even if you don’t live here in Springfield, there is an excellent chance there is a good butcher selling quality products near you. Start asking around, do a web search. Ask you grocery store butcher about grass fed beef. It’s great to know where your food comes from. I don’t live in a major metropolitan area. But there are a lot of quality grocers around. If you do live in the Springfield area stop by Hörrmann’s or check them out here:



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