Super Awesome Sunday Supper


Loaded twice baked sweet potatoes, and honey roasted chicken. Yummm

Ever since last weeks chicken I’ve been wanting more. I get like that with food, once I find something I like I want to eat that exact same thing over and over. So tonight I made honey roasted chicken thighs, loaded twice baked sweet taters, and green beans.

First preheat the oven to 475. Then poke some holes in your taters so they don’t explode. Then I wrap them in foil, before I close the foil I put a tiny drizzle if olive oil over the skin. This helps the skin to crisp. That’s gonna cook for some time. (I think I let mine go for a little over an hour. This is a weekend meal not a weeknight meal so I don’t mind letting these bake while I bum around the house)

Next set to work on the chicken. I followed pretty much the same pattern I did the other night. First I browned them in the skillet, then I transferred them to a baking dish added a liberal amount of cayenne and drizzled them with raw honey.

20130908-225909.jpg(Decided on a spicy sweet kinda thing) then I stuck them in the oven and went back to work on the taters.

While the chicken was browning I put all my potato stuffings in a bowl, (this makes life easier later) I new they would bake up sweet and Hubs likes his sweet potatoes savory so into the bowl went 2 slices if pre cooked bacon crumbled, 1/2 small red onion diced, a tablespoon of minced garlic, and several tablespoons of roll butter. (My measurements are meaningless I just toss in whatever sounds good. )20130908-230125.jpg
It only takes a few minutes to prep the potatoes once they are baked just be careful not to burn yourself on the steam unwrapping them. First unwrap them then I grab a steak knife and cut the crispy skin off the top. Then use a spoon to gut the innards, leave some or the skin will collapse, toss it in the bowl you’ve already started. Since the potatoes are already so soft I used the same spoon to mix all the ingredients together. The butter gets melty it an it starts to smell amazing, just try not to eat it yet, add some S&P and then gently scoop it back into the skin. You’ve added a lot of bulk so expect to pile the excess in top of the potato.

By now the chicken should be done so pull it out of the oven, and put the sweet potatoes back in. I usually cook them for about 20 minutes more but today I just turned of the oven and let them stay in there, the oven was plenty warm enough to finish them. I put some foil over the chicken to keep it warm and heated up some green beans in the microwave.

The result was a Super awesome Sunday Supper. Like I said this is not something I would try to make on a busy week night but it’s perfect for Sunday. You don’t really have to babysit anything as it cooks. In fact I was actually spray painting furniture in my basement while most of this cooked up. Hope if you try this you enjoy! We sure did 😋


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