Attempted Paleo Potato Pancakes

Attempted Potato Pancakes

Last night we had Shepard’s pie for dinner and we are both working late several nights this week, so I made a giant batch of mashed potatoes.

I do this pretty often if I’m taking the time to make a multistep dish I usually just make a big ole batch. It’s not much more work to make a double batch and it makes for easy dinners later in the week.

This morning I thought it would be fun to make potato pancakes.


I’m not sure why since I’ve never ever ever not ever been successful at making pancakes that I could whip up a potato version.

It wasn’t pretty.
But it was tasty.

Here’s what I did I took about two cups of mashed potatoes and added an egg. 20130910-150135.jpgWhip em together and heat a little oil on the stove at a med high heat. Then plop the taters in.

If you dip the back of your spoon in the hot oil you can press down the potatoes into a pancake shape with out it sticking to them.20130910-150329.jpgAfter they get nice and browned on the edges flip them over.

This is where it all went wrong. I’m a terrible flipper. It all fell apart. 20130910-150504.jpgBut then I had a moment of inspiration brought to me by my former pre-paleo life and steak and shake.

Silver dollar potato pancakes.
So I changed my method and made them smaller. This worked better but not wonderful.

In the end they were not beautiful but they were amazing tastey!!!

*most recipes for potato pancakes include some flour, I think that would have helped but really for the most part I just have no flipping skills. I will let Rob do the flipping next time.



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