Oh crap it’s supper time. 

So today was an exciting day at the Sandwell’s. Rob had to go in extra early and also was going to have to stay late. Knowing it would be a stressful day I got up with him. (In my mind I think I’ll be super helpful like June Cleaver in reality I will shuffle to the coffee pot and press “brew”) So Rob is getting ready and I’m trying to function and then we notice our bathtub is full of silt.  

Old houses in our town have this problem the tree roots grow into the water pipes and back our front yard into our bathtub. 


Then I heard Jax coughing, that terrible croupy rattle cough.


So I spent my day calling the landlord and the plumber and the pediatrician, then cleaning the front yard out of the bathtub and then I realize it’s 7 and Rob is going to be home any time. 


Even with my crazy day I know Rob’s day was harder and coming home to supper made always helps. 

I needed fast easy “man food” I had no plan, no time, and no imagination. So I melted some butter in a pan, added frozen breakfast potatoes. (Yup) found a kielbasa sausage in the fridge, cut it up, added a green pepper, a red onion, a heap of minced garlic and some everyday seasoning. I assume when Rob gets here he’ll toss in jalapeños and a dash of tobacco. 

Our lives will not be changed. But our bellies will be full. 

(And I burned it a little) 



Big Nasty Breakfast. 

Sometimes you need a big nasty breakfast. 

Rob and I frequent a local breakfast pub and this is my version of one of my favorite dishes there. At the pub this dish is called the north sider. (The north side of town is kind of trashy here.. And so is this!) 
It’s ground beef, eggs, onion, and pickles. 

-I know. Judge away. It’s a burger mixed with scrambled eggs. And it’s awesome. You’re welcome. 

Coconut Mango Tilapia

I wish I could take credit for that part but it just looked good at the fish counter. I heated up some coconut oil and browned the breading on each side, then I baked it for about 20 minutes. 

Then I roasted some red peppers and red onions to go on the side. Now that it’s baked I wish I had picked up some sweet potatoes instead. But I’m pretty sure we won’t have any leftovers. 

Buffalo chicken salad 


Leftover grilled chicken 


Franks buffalo sauce

Blue cheese dressing 

A nice way to spice up chicken and lettuce. I really wanted a lettuce wrap but I only had shredded lettuce. This salad needed some crunch bacon would have been great or even sunflower seeds or cashews. Anyway quick lunch 

Chicken curry and roasted reds

So lazy Sunday continues. I made a quick chicken curry, with a bit of the chicken from lunch and some red onion and a yellow bell pepper I added some fire roasted tomatoes, curry and tonight I didn’t even make the sauce. This is Tika masala sauce (Hyvee brand.. Very fancy) I cut up some baby reds and seasoned them with all purpose seasoning and extra light olive oil for about 40 minutes at 350 

And meanwhile Jax is keeping busy.. 


Lazy Sunday Lunch/and last nights supper


Jax gave me a cold this week. He’s already bounced back but I’m still a little run down. So we’ve been eating what’s easy. Today Rob had the day off so he grilled all the chicken in our fridge, and a steak for himself. We’ll eat some of the chicken today and have some easy protein for later in the week. When I have to buy groceries in a hurry I buy easy meats we can use in a variety of ways. While he was grilling I diced some bell pepper, cuccumber, green onion, red onion, tomato, and the last of the strawberries I found in the fridge. We threw together quick salads and it was a great. 

Last night we had brisket. I found it on sale at our butcher shop. Cooked it in the crockpot with some seasoning and about a cup of coffee 

 I cooked some new new potatoes and beans on the side. Canned beans are another “not paleo” food we eat on occasion. It was really nice to have an easy supper at the end of a busy week. We tend to be pretty repetitive salads in the summer soups in the winter. How do you stay out of a food rut? 

Around the house. 

Every time I’m in STL I stop by Trader Joe’s on my way home. Everytime I find some new things I love. Here are my new favorites. I actually saw the seasoning in my sisters kitchen first so thanks for the tip Am! It’s nothing fancy but let’s me be a lazier cook by adding more flavor without having to dig through my spices. I also like that it’s a grinder, so everything tastes fresh. The coconut oil isn’t perfectly paleo, but it’s close enough for me, and I love the convenience of a spray.  

And as promised here’s a peak at one of the updates we did, this room was beige and boring before. We have a lot of natural light in here so I went with an antique white and then made a stencil and painted a high gloss coat of the same color over the top. Easy one day project that brightened up our space. 🙂 


Grab and Go Lunch

Well it’s summer, and we are BUSY! Rob and I have realized the quickest way for us to derail from the paleo path is when we fail to plan. I went out of town last weekend, missed our normal grocery shopping day, and so this week has been creative cooking week. I made it to the store tonight and then spent about 10 minutes chopping in the kitchen. It really doesn’t take long to prep and it makes a world of difference on a busy morning. 

I made 4 of these Italian salads using up the last of our veg from last week including:

-leftover shredded lettuce from last nights tacos

-one yellow bell pepper

-one cuccumber

-half a carton of cherry tomatoes

-half a bundle of green onions

-half a red onion

-a few banana pepper rings

-hard salami 



Now we are both set to finish out the week, in the morning we can dress these, grab some fruit and some nuts and a bottle of water and lunch is packed! 


-In other Sandwell life news we recently updated our Kitchen and baby J started eating food! So I’m learning all about how to make baby food. So probably posts on that coming up, stay tuned! 

Berries and Cream Breakfast 

I went to visit some family over the weekend and made a stop at Trader Joe’s. While I was there I stocked up on a few of my favorite items. My sweet friend Blair had just told me about how she uses coconut cream and then I saw this:

So I bought a few cans, let one chill in the fridge overnight. 

In the morning open it, scoop out cream off the top into a small mixing bowl. (I used the thickest part of the cream but I’ll save the rest of the can for coffee creamer.) Next I add in a tiny drizzle of local honey. 

I love local honey! I’m considering getting bees of my own 🐝

Then I use a hand mixer on med speed for 3-4 minutes until it has the consistency of cool whip. 

Then just add some berries and enjoy!  

There was pleanty left over so I’ll be enjoying this a few times this week! Perfect summer paleo treat! 

Here is the essential “part of a complete breakfast” photo. But it’s pretty filling on its own. Enjoy!

Berry Basil Vodka 

  A few times a year I make a batch of infused liquor. This time I started with some cheap vodka. (Purchased at Sam’s) the best way to turn cheap vodka into top shelf Vodka is putting it through a charcole filter (that’s what most water filters use just read the label) filter it a few times and it will get much smoother. Then it’s time to infuse. For this batch I poured my liquor into a large jar with an airtight seal. 

 I decided to use strawberries when I saw these babies at the store they were so fresh the whole store smelled like strawberries.

 I added several cups of cut up strawberries and a handful of crushed Basil, and the juice of one lime. Then leave it alone for 2 weeks, giving it a shake every few days.

 Then it’s time to filter. Pull out your fruit and leaves with a slotted spoon. Next I pour it through a metal mesh filter a few times to pull out things like strawberry seeds and debris from the basil. Then I filter it through a coffee filter a few more times. 

Here’s the finished product! Yum!