Oh crap it’s supper time. 

So today was an exciting day at the Sandwell’s. Rob had to go in extra early and also was going to have to stay late. Knowing it would be a stressful day I got up with him. (In my mind I think I’ll be super helpful like June Cleaver in reality I will shuffle to the coffee pot and press “brew”) So Rob is getting ready and I’m trying to function and then we notice our bathtub is full of silt.  

Old houses in our town have this problem the tree roots grow into the water pipes and back our front yard into our bathtub. 


Then I heard Jax coughing, that terrible croupy rattle cough.


So I spent my day calling the landlord and the plumber and the pediatrician, then cleaning the front yard out of the bathtub and then I realize it’s 7 and Rob is going to be home any time. 


Even with my crazy day I know Rob’s day was harder and coming home to supper made always helps. 

I needed fast easy “man food” I had no plan, no time, and no imagination. So I melted some butter in a pan, added frozen breakfast potatoes. (Yup) found a kielbasa sausage in the fridge, cut it up, added a green pepper, a red onion, a heap of minced garlic and some everyday seasoning. I assume when Rob gets here he’ll toss in jalapeños and a dash of tobacco. 

Our lives will not be changed. But our bellies will be full. 

(And I burned it a little) 



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