Guacamole Jalapeño turkey burger

  So for lunch I got this idea for guacamole, jalapeño turkey burgers. So here’s what went in: 

*disclaimer this is one of those no measure/use up your leftover recipes 

1 lb lean ground turkey

-all the leftover guac (a lot maybe 3/4 a cup)

-two handfuls of diced jalepeno

-leftover red onion bits

-1/4 cup of almond meal

*house seasoning 

Smoosh it all together and form into patties.

Now I took me a while to figure out how to cook this. I started with the Forman grill, total fail. It’s just too wet so it sticks to the grill plates and rips apart when you open it. 

Then I tried browning in a pan of with coconut oil. 

Held together better but started to burn before the middle was done. 

So, brown the outside in a pan then bake in the oven to finish them. -I was trying to make a quick easy lunch and it kind of turned into a whole thing. But it was totally worth it, I ate these with fresh salsa on top and wanted to eat all of them but made myself stop so Rob could try them. 

Anyway not as quick as I hoped but next time will go faster and there will def be a next time! 


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