Sparkling water labeles matter. 

We love carbonated water. Love. I never miss soda if this is nearby. These are my favorite brands above. Today I branched out and got this- 

(J photobombs) I glanced at the box, no calories no caffeine, natural spring water, sounds great plus a bit cheaper then the above brands, and a new flavor to try, sounds great. I cracked one open as soon as I unloaded the groceries and almost spit it out bc of the unbelievable syrup sugar taste. Like pleh, it was pregnancy glucose test day all over again. I read the front of the can again, “naturally flavored sparkling water beverage with other natural flavores”



Aspartame. Tastes like diabetes. 

Lesson learned. Read the label. 

*to be clear some people might love this, but when you want water and get soda it is not refreshing 


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