Beef and broccoli #sandwellsupper

#Suppatime #Beefandbroccoli 

Sometimes you want Chinese drive through. 

But.. you’re don’t want to leave your house. 

This recipe was born out of fridge leftovers and laziness. #truth
Ok, I usually use flank steak for this but there may be better options out there, tbh I don’t really know anything about cuts of beef. 
So here’s what ya need:
Flank steak 
Grape seed oil (just my Preference) 

Minced garlic 

Soy sauce


Green onions

Rice/or Raman 

Chicken broth (or beef or veggie)

Cashews (optional)


Cut up the flank steak into thin strips
Heat a small amount of oil and maybe a teaspoon of garlic on med heat in a saucepan.

Add beef sprinkle soy sauce (sometimes I use worchester sauce) and cook until browned. (I have a small saucepan sometimes I do this in batches) 

While the steak is browning heat up chicken broth in a small pot and make your rice or Raman according to package directions (rice is naturally gluten free, but I prefer good old Raman in this dish, but, -toss that msg sodium filled “flavor packet” directly in the trash) 
Once the meat is all browned, remove the meat from pan (I have a deep casserole dish we usually use for this but a bowl would work too) 
Then if the pan is dry I add more grape seed oil/ soy sauce and toss in the broccoli (toss to coat) I let it steam until it brightens in color and softens a bit. Then add it to the beef mixture. Last if your Raman is done cooking pour it all of it (chicken broth included)over the beef and broccoli and stir to mix. Top with diced green onions for extra crunch, or cashews if you’re into that. 
This is a great easy winter meal bc it’s so brothy and meaty but we have actually been eating it a lot this summer. I think bc it’s flavorful and doesn’t take much effort and a little really fills you up. -I also love any recipe that doesn’t involve turning on my oven if it’s 90+ degrees outside. 
What are your favorite Raman recipes? Anyone else making imitation Chinese take-out out there?


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