P96 chocolate peanut butter pancakes. 

#proteinpacked #pancakeoftheday #breakfastlove 

Ok they are not pretty. But I blame myself for my lame pancake flipping abilities. 😉 

This takes about 3 minutes to make and is so good. -a friend posted the recipe but with the P96 vanilla protein powder and it looked sooo good! I was down to only the chocolate powder and thought why not? 

Mix one packet of P96, plus one egg, on tsp of baking powder and two tbsp of water. Makes two smallish pancakes or one big daddy giant one. -or one waffle. (As previously noted, I have unfortunate flipping abilities so I went for two smaller ones) 

Then I went a little nuts and added peanut butter and real maple syrup. (I know that’s a lot of sugar.. but it’s also a LOT of protein, and remember I’m eating for 3 here!) 

Here’s the stats on the protein of you’re interested: 

The end result was tasty, but I really think it would be better with the vanilla powder, so one More thing to add to my next order! 

What are your favorite ways to use protein powder? 
Want to try P96? Order yours here! 



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