Lunch at home.

Today I had a Doctors apointment, which meant no napping after Jax had his early morning feeding. I had lots to do around the house, and then by the time I got home it was well past my lunch time. 

This was lunch today.

 I felt like I was starving bc I only had a bit of fruit and coffee at breakfast.

Turkey and lettuce wraps, some quick o’brian potatoes topped with fresh salsa and (not pictured) a cup of fresh pineapple. 

I’m still not quite over this cold and I’ve been reading about the benefits of pineapple for a sore throat. I love food as medicine. 

Anyway, nothing fancy but today was busy, and this took about 10 minutes to make. Don’t let a busy schedule keep you from feeding your body. 


Roasted cauliflower

So this is a super easy way to add veg to a dinner, just chop the flourerts off of one head of cauliflower toss them in a gallon size bag shake them up with a little bit of olive oil and the spice if your choice, these have red pepper cumin and red curry, then dump onto a cookie sheet in a single layer roast at 400 degrees for 20 minutres. 


Wellness tea. #disgusting

Well today I woke up with that feeling. You know the one, I went to bed a healthy person and I woke up feeling like the creature that hosted Tales from the Crypt. 

Luckily it’s the last day of my weekend so I dedicated the day to recovering. Jackson of course is being the most active baby who ever lived, naturally.

Rob and I make a wellness tea when this happens full of immunity boosting ingredients. In fact sometimes he makes it just because he likes it. (I don’t get it)

Let me be frank. It’s disgusting. I react to this drink the way a cat does to a swimming pool. But gosh darn it if it doesn’t work. Or maybe it’s just the idea that it works but it seems to help the body aches and sore throat and I always sleep soundly after drinking it. 

So drink at your own risk, today’s cup included:

-One coffee mug of organic chicken broth 

-about a tablespoon of local honey

-several shakes of cayenne pepper

-lemon juice

-and about a clove of minced garlic

Heated through, hold your nose and get it down. 😁😝😑

It also helps to think if this as a “broth” and not a “tea” I guess savory drinks just aren’t my thing but here’s hoping for a better tomorrow! 

(I made zero effort to “pretty up” this picture. I think this is gross, so the picture gets to be gross too.)

Be well.

Chopped Salad 

So I’ve never been a big salad eater. I always find myself foraging through lettuce to look for the “good stuff” enter the chopped salad. (Spoiler it’s all good stuff!) 

I knew heading back to work and trying to resist all the tasty breakroom treats would be a challenge, so I wanted to pack really good lunches. I’m also breastfeeding so I want to pack as many nutrients into each meal as possible. But, I have an 8 week old baby so I do not have a lot of food prep time. 

Chopped salad has been a real winner. 

Today during Jackson’s nap (30 min) I was able to clean my kitchen and chop enough veg for 8 lunch size tubs of this salad.

 (Plus enough veggies for tacos that will be dinner tonight!👇)

Boom grab and go veg for lunch.

 I usually dress them with olive oil and vinegar the morning I take them to work, sometimes I add hard boiled eggs or deli meat depending on how much protien I’m wanting. 

Today’s mix included:

1 cuccumber

1/2 a large zucchini

1 green bell pepper

1 red bell pepper

1 bunch of green onions

1 box cherry tomatoes

1 handful of cilantro

Salt and pepper

Dice it all small and toss it. The key to making it last all week is by limiting the amount if water heavy veg and not adding dressing until the day of. Red onion is great in this too but can get a little intense after a few days. 


Well it’s been a while and the Sandwell’s have been busy! I received a promotion and my business relocated, Rob got an even bigger promotion and got relocated to a new store, we got a new car, we moved, and oh yeah and we had a baby!  So things have been going pretty great for us. 

We strayed from paleo during my pregnancy bc I had such food aversions. I wish I had been more dedicated bc I attribute our diet change to complications I had later on. 

But all is well, Jackson Blue Sandwell made his appearance on January 5 and our lives will never be the same. 

Now that he’s here we are back on the paleo wagon. So I will attempt to post now and then as we come up with new recipes. Thanks for reading! 

Here’s a peak at our newest Sandwell

Sauceless curried chicken and veg

Usually if I make chicken curry, I make it in the morning and toss everything in the crock but not all mornings go as planned. So tonight I made a very quick and easy substitute. This is a perfect weeknight meal bc it takes about 20 minutes.

1 lb of chicken
1 squash
1 zucchini
1/2 one red onion
Coconut oil

In a large saucepan heat coconut oil over medium heat, add the chicken and cook until the outer edges turn white, then add the veg and season liberally. Cook until veg is fork tender. Very simple, no heavy sauce but still hearty enough to fill up a hungry hubby.


Paleo meatloaf

I have to apologize for the lack of pictures but it was just too tasty we gobbled it down before I thought to take pictures. I’ll share my recipe, but I need advice, without bread crumbs, there is nothing to absorb the juices, how do get this to “loaf”? Don’t get me wrong it tasted amazing. But it wasn’t something we could slice, it was more like a delicious meat pile. At any rate no ego here please share your tips for me I you have a secret to Paleo meatloaf this girl wants to know!

*Preheat oven to 450

In a large bowl mix
1 lb grass fed beef
1 diced green pepper
1 diced red onion
1 handful of diced baby Bella mushrooms
1 cup of cauliflower (I put mine in a food processor until it is the texture of rice)
2 raw eggs (for binding purposes)
1 large can of gluten free marinara sauce *reserve a little to top the loaf with

Mix all together and then form into a loaf pan and then pop in the oven for 45 minutes. After 45 I top it with the last of the marinara and let it go 15 more.
-I’ve also used pepper jelly, or pineapple preserves to top it with. Sweet goes great with the savory. Think outside the box. (Which means step away from the ketchup bottle)

Please leave a comment of you have tips to improve my recipe 🙂

Paleo Apple crisp

Tonight I wanted some fall comfort food. I scoured the kitchen.

Here’s what I came up with:
(Coconut oil would be fine)

I peeled and chopped the apple, and added a sprinkle of spices. About a tablespoon I butter, and handful of walnuts and drizzled honey over the top. Put it in a microwave safe bowl covered and microwaved it for 2 minutes. My kitchen smelled amazing when I opened the microwave. But this lasted about 30 seconds while I impatiently waited for it to cool off then devoured it. As I write this post I’m thinking about making a second bowl.

*Important to note that this is just enough for one person. A perfect treat that just took less then 5 minutes to make. Eating paleo doesn’t have to mean you live in a world with no treats.



Maple Bourbon Sweet Potato Bisque


So when we get in a recipe rut I usually turn to Pinterest for inspiration. Usually I find something that sounds incredible and tweak it so it fits into our lifestyle but every now and then you find a recipe that sounds perfect with little to no tweaking necessary. So thanks “How Sweet it is” for posting this Bourbon Sweet Potato Bisque:

I’ve been dying to try it since I pinned it and imagine it will not disappoint. Here is my version, with a few minor tweaks:

3 large sweet potatoes peeled and cubed
1/2 one large red onion diced
1 cup of coconut milk
3 cups of veggie broth
1 tsp minced garlic
2 tiny shot bottles of maple bourbon
2 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp of butter
Crushed red pepper, S&P, curry, cinnamon
Walnuts to garnish

So start by adding all the fat to a large soup pot once the butter melts down add onions and garlic, cook over med high heat for a few minutes then add the bourbon, sweet potatoes, coconut milk and veggie broth, pot a lid on that and let it come to a boil

20130930-135953.jpg (I cooked mine for about 20 minutes) then turn off the heat and check that the potatoes are fork tender if they are then it’s time to blend. I used my emersion blender to break down the potatoes. (Protip: make sure the blender is submerged completely otherwise you’ll be wall papering your kitchen with molten lava soup particles. Don’t ask me how I know, and just ignore that soup in my hair) I garnished it with cinnamon and walnuts.
So I knew the potatoes were gonna take some time to cook through and even though I love potato soup in any form, it’s always kind of a one note dish. I wanted something else on the side. So I decided on Brussels sprouts.

Most of us hated them as kids. I think this is bc they are shaped like tiny brains. And tasted exactly how I think tiny brains would taste. But a few years ago my brother brought some to a family dinner, tiny brains cooked it butter. I didn’t want to try them. I didn’t want to like them. But it kind of changed my mind on this super nutrient dense food. Turns out butter really does make everything better!

So today I made Cranberry Bacon Brussels.
Here’s what you need:
Brussels Sprouts, stemmed and halved (roughly a pound?)
2 stripes of bacon cooked and diced up small
1/2 red onion
Few handfuls of Cranberries fresh or dried (I used dried)
Few handfuls of Walnuts
2 tablespoons of butter

-sorry I’m bad with measurements, I’m am eye baller. But you can’t really go wrong here just toss in what sounds good. First melt the butter then add the onions, and Brussel, and bacon.

20130930-140912.jpgLet that cook for about ten minutes over med heat then add the berries and walnuts.

20130930-141055.jpgI then cooked it covered for a few minutes more just to make sure they would be tender all the way through, then I gave it a shake of salt and pepper and called it done.

20130930-141255.jpgWe will defiantly have left overs bc this makes for two very filling dishes. But I’m actually pretty stoked to have this sweet potato bisque with my coffee in the morning 🙂

Orange Chicken and Cauli Rice


Orange chicken and cauli rice

Tonight I got off work early so I had a little more time to devote to dinner. Rob loves Chinese food and has really missed it since we switched to Paleo. So for tonight’s dinner I attempted an Asian inspired orange chicken. I wasn’t really sure what direction to take this dish so here is everything I grabbed: 20130829-193033.jpg


First I started a sauce. I juiced two large oranges and two cuties -I would have added to this because I like a lot of sauce but that is all the citrus I found in my fridge. Use what you have 🙂 I added a few tablespoons of Saracha, a few tablespoons of gluten free soy sauce (if you don’t eat soy just skip it) a shake or two of ginger and a pinch of minced garlic. Put all that in a small sauce pan and let it thicken over a medium heat.

Then I tossed a lil cauliflower (that has been sitting in my fridge waiting for some sort of culinary inspiration to strike) into the food processor until it was a rice consistency, then I sautéed it with some olive oil over medium heat. 20130829-192854.jpg

While those two were cooking I browned some chicken in coconut oil, it cooked up fast so I set the chicken aside and added my veg to the same pan.20130829-192636.jpg

Cooked it only until the carrots softened and then turned off all 3 burners and assembled it.

My original plan was to sprinkle some cashews over top, but it had enough crunch so I skipped it. All in this took a little less then 45 minutes, if I had Rob home to help we probably could have done it in 20. Home cooked dinner doesn’t have to be an all night event. Food is what fuels your body, it’s worth the time.