Grilled Chicken Breast with Butter Steamed Vegetables

20130921-183746.jpgI have just really been wanting to eat a lot of fresh garden vegetables lately. In fact, just recently I was at a wedding and they had a veggie tray on the buffet and I actually said, out loud, “Sweet! They have broccoli!”

Who’s that guy?

Anyway, when I was grocery shopping this week I made a list of dishes I wanted to cook and I just really wanted some fresh steamed vegetables, so I decided to have them with some chicken breast.

I wanted to make this on the stovetop, so I started with a large skillet on medium heat and melted about two tablespoons of butter in it with a pinch of minced garlic and some salt and pepper. I put the two chicken breasts in and let them brown lightly for a few minutes, then I flipped them over and let them brown a little on the other side.

At that point I turned the heat down to medium low and added another tablespoon of butter and about a cup and a half each of cauliflower, broccoli, and baby carrots and then put a lid on the pan. I let the chicken slowly cook through for about four minutes, then flipped the breasts one more time and stirred around the veg a little and let it cook through the other side for a few more minutes.

I took the chicken and veg out of the skillet and put it on the plate, then I poured about a quarter cup of sweet red wine in the pan to deglaze the bottom and let it cook down to a syrup to make a sauce which I spooned over the chicken.

And it was amazing. The veg was perfectly cooked, the chicken was juicy and tender, and the sauce was delicious. It all tasted great and we devoured it instantly. There was a lot of butter in this dish, but we used the fresh roll butter we get from our butcher so I didn’t feel too bad about it. I was gonna make this dish with olive oil, but I thought the butter would add a better flavor to the vegetables. Do what you like.

This dish was super easy, only took about twenty minutes from fridge to dinner table, and I was able to make a great, healthy meal to sustain my family and help them thrive. There’s a lot of empowerment in that. In knowing you’re feeding your family good food that makes them strong, and not garbage “food” that’s slowly poisoning them to death. It makes me feel like a good provider.

And that’s just another of the unexpected benefits of Paleo.