Paleo Potluck!

So over the weekend Rob and I hosted a little garden party. Nothing fancy, just a few twinkle lights and a whole lot of food! I’m kicking myself for not taking more pictures of all the amazing goodness that there was to eat. The only picture I have is this quick shot Rob took of one of his dishes 20130917-210532.jpg

(sausage off the grill and onions and peppers) He also made fish and chips, (I’m so lucky to have a fella who likes to cook!) I made some coconut chicken and a fruit salad soaked in a honey rum sauce.

We invited some paleo friends and some not so paleo friends and had an amazing smorgasbord of food.

Our friends brought baked sweet potatoes and quite possibly the best salad I’ve ever eaten, with amazing homemade dressing to boot! There were lettuce wraps that held a mixture of cauliflour and carrots with the most delicious dry rub on them (Rob actually thought there was seasoned meat inside!) and then topped with guacamole! We washed it all down with wine and sparkling water. It was a perfect night with great friends.

Although I don’t have more pictures of the awesomeness we made great memories. There is something really special about sharing a meal with those you love, and Rob and I are blessed to have such wonderful friends.

Also I definitely walked away with tons of culinary inspiration! There is nothing better to get you out of a food rut then to eat with people who cook differently then you. I can’t wait to try all the recipes we tried! It makes me want to host a regular supper club! 😀