Who Are We?

Who’s He?

Rob Sandwell has spent most of his adult life working in kitchens and teaching martial arts. He recently made the change to a Paleo lifestyle so he can be there for his family in the future. Now he works in technology sales and teaches civilian self defense. He likes good books, red meat, and brandy. His turn offs include grains, government, and grizzly bears. He’s also a pretty big fan of his wife.


Who’s She?

Christy Sandwell is a hairstylist who works at a high end salon. She loves working with people and has been known to paint objects in her orbit at random. Her creative projects range from painting store front windows to reupholstering furniture. She seems to have a knack for cooking and breaking expensive things. She likes her husband. She hates bugs.



Sophie is our dog. She’s a boxer mix we rescued after she was dumped in a nearby neighborhood as a tiny puppy. She’s a big fan of the paleo diet, although maybe too busy to contribute here. She fills her hours by building time machines, writing her memoirs, and sleeping on a large blue pillow.

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